Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Studio Castillero

We're so excited to showcase the husband and wife team behind Studio Castillero. They've got major talent and they're bringing it all to The Cream. We just got lost in all their photos, they're so dreamy. Don't you think? Man, we've got some GOOD photographers in our crop. We couldn't be more honored to showcase these folks.

Rue Magazine

The gals over at Rue have been collaborating like crazy for The Cream, and lets just say they've got some good stuff up their sleeve for you all. We know, it comes as no surprise. Psst, do you recognize who these chairs on the cover of their latest issue belong too? Yup, from this member of our crop.

Handsome Coffee Roasters

Handsome Coffee Roasters - These fellas will be there serving up all their coveted small batch roasts for y'all to sip on and enjoy. Be sure to visit their handsome little cart on Thursday night, we'll be first in line.


Its no secret we love ourselves some vintage wares, so we are more than thrilled to bring Antiquaria to The Cream. They'll be showing off all their lovely goods as well as showcasing their rad registry services. We LOVE that they have a registry. It's so awesome. Come check it out!

Friday, February 24, 2012


We're bringing the gals from Blushington makeup and beauty lounge to beautify all you ladies coming to The Cream. Come stop by their makeup station and check out what they have to offer. It's good!

Austin Hendrix Productions

You heard us reveal this guy, right? Austin Hendrix has many tricks up his sleeve, but we're bringing him to The Cream for his super duper videography skills. We're excited for him to capture all that goes down on March 1st. Are you coming?

The Weaver House

These twin sisters are coming to LA all the way from Portland, OR. We couldn't be more excited! They're The Weaver House (formerly Steep Street) and we bringing their mad photography skills to The Cream for y'all. Track these ladies down and say hello, they're sweet as can be.


Have you guys been to Forage? They serve up delicious farm to table meals and would love to curate a a fresh local menu for your wedding day feast. We can't wait to try all the goodies they're bring to The Cream. We're hungry! 

The Get Down Boys

Meet The Get Down Boys. We love these gentlemen. Come hear them on March 1st!

If you haven't already, get your tickets here!


That's right! We are absolutely thrilled to be bringing BHLDN back for the fashion show at The Cream. We'll tell you this - we've seen sneak peeks of some of the looks and they are absolutely stunning. They've also got a few giveaways up their sleeve. An exclusive headpiece by Jennifer Behr, anyone? Or a bow tie from Forage for your handsome gent? Yes, please!

And did you hear who will be MC'ing the whole shebang? The adorable Katie Armour herself from Matchbook Mag. We can't wait to meet her!

Love and Splendor

Aren't these gals cute? We're thrilled to bring events of Love and Splendor to The Cream event. They've got some major design ideas up their sleeve and we can't wait to see how it all turns out. So excited over here!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dominique Pruitt

Most of us know her as Love Me Sailor, but little did y'all know she can sing too! Dominique will be hitting the stage (with her dad on guitar, how cute is that?) at The Cream and we can hardly wait. So, if you haven't already got your tickets you'll want to do so right about now. Get 'em!

Joie La La

We're so excited to have the gals from Joie La La in our talented crop of photographers. They seem to capture all the moments that matter, perfectly. You'll want to meet these two at The Cream. Oh, and do you recognize the pretty lady in this photo?

Geronimo Balloons

You better believe we'll have these fancy fringes by Geronimo Balloons filling the Book Bindery on March 1st. They just make you smile, don't they? Every balloon this girl makes is our favorite, they're always that good. Especially in multiples.


Simplethings is bringing us their mini pies on March 1st, and we're counting down the days till we can get our hands on some. They're as tasty as they are cute. And they make the perfect addition to your wedding day sweets table, if we do say so ourselves.

Honey of a Thousand Flowers

This super talented florist is coming to us from Salt Lake City, Utah. That's right! Honey of a Thousand Flowers is coming all the way to The Cream to show off her mad floral skills. We can't take our eyes off her lush, organic bouquets. They're stunning. Go look for yourself!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Twig & Twine

We've added another super talented florist to our crop! Twig & Twine has us envious of all her lush blooms and wildly organic floral arrangements. Good stuff coming outta this lady's hands, we just love all that she does.

Photo: Jillian Rose Photography


That's right, we're bringing back our favorite picture portrait taker. Smilebooth. Do you blame us? They're the best.

YEAH! Rentals

So you want a rad wedding and you're tired of the same ol' walnut folding chairs? Well, we're bringing you YEAH! rentals. They've got a huge collection of mid century modern chairs that will rock your world, or wedding. But that's not it, they've got more. Go check 'em out.

The Wedding Artist Collective

The Wedding Artists Collective - they're a gang of talent. They've got photographers, florists, designers and videographers to show off. It's like a really, really good one stop shop. Come check these guys out on March 1st!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fiore Beauty

Fiore Beauty, they're so good at getting the ladies and brides all dolled up for their big day. We HAD to have them at The Cream to make our gals in the fashion show all pretty (more on that soon!). They're not only taking care of the models, but they're setting up shop for you too. They're going to be doing lashes, lips and neon/metallic shellac nails. Holy crap. We're so excited.

Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather - this hip little group of photogs is just as talented as they are cute. And we think they're super cute.  They've recently joined forces to offer you guys the best of the best when it comes to shooting weddings. They've also got a blog packed with photos to get lost in. Check 'em out!


Jeni is our go-to gal for vintage furniture, and if she doesn't have what you're looking for she'll hunt it down and add it to Found's massive inventory. We're honored and thrilled to have them in our crop. We've heard she's bringing some new pieces to show off. Come check 'em out on March 1st!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Little Branch

We're so excited to welcome The Little Branch to the LA crop. These gals rock with flowers. Period. Just wait til you see all the lovelies they're bringing to The Cream.

We already told you but we'll say it again, it's gonna be RAD.

Sno-Con Amor

You're in for a treat, folks. A real treat. Sno-Con Amor is bringing their traditional raspados, or mexican snow cones, to The Cream for you all. They use all natural, handcrafted syrups made from fresh fruit, herbs and flower extracts. Delish.

Have you got your tickets?

Green Wedding Shoes

Y'all know Jen from Green Wedding Shoes, right? Well, she's bringing all her creativity and love for weddings to The Cream on March 1st. We're so excited to have her. You'll want to come see her set-up, trust us.

Whoa Nelly! Catering

Guys, we're so excited about this one. Whoa Nelly! Catering is bringing it this year to The Cream and we are so thrilled to have these ladies and the deliciousness that comes along with. You just wait and see. OK, now we're hungry!

Sitting in a Tree

Here's one of our favorite gals, Sitting in a Tree. Her creativity and designs inspire our little minds over here at Bash, Please. We love all that she does and can't wait for Tori to show off her skills at The Cream. She's bringing the whole clan!